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We are happy to announce that Treachery Today is officially for sale.  Click here to get your copy today! 

Treasure or Treachery – Review & Beta News

What a week! We are finalizing our Treasure or Treachery BETA edition, and preparing for our next phase which will most likely lead to another Kickstarter. The Treasure or Treachery BETA Edition is being produced through The Game Crafter and features a few changes from the prototypes we’ve shown to date. We’ve revamped the artwork for this version, improving on the game board, fate cards, and … Continue reading

The 3D Printer

  So we got ourselves a 3D printer, after some research and discussion we settled on the LulzBot Taz5. We chose it based on the strength of reviews, its flexibility, its support and community, and somewhat due to their commitment to open source. They provide some software called Cura to import and print 3D models, do some work to make them more print-friendly (setup walls and … Continue reading

From Idea to Game part 2: Initial prototype and playtesting

This is part 2 in a series, part 1 is here. So now you have an idea for a game. Maybe you have a theme, you’ve taken some notes on game play and mechanics you’d like to include. Maybe you’ve even played a few rounds in your head. Its time to make a prototype and begin testing your ideas in the real world to see … Continue reading

How to 3D part 2: Molds, 3D Printing and a new idea.

 This is part 2 in a series. Part 1 is here. So last time I talked a bit about how getting minis made was so expensive. Just getting setup might cost us 4 to 6 thousand bucks for the 4 pirates. If I wanted to do ships, treasure, and anything extra, well, that’s a lot of up-front cost. Now we could probably just take on … Continue reading


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